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Culinary Environments

Complex environments, simplified

From design to implementation, Avenir creates customized kitchens with an unparalleled efficiency of operation, each carefully tailored to match the individual needs of our clients. From product receiving, recipe development, menu management and safety controls to inventory, cooking and the moment of service, Avenir software manages each step of the process to ensure seamless and consistent results each and every time.

Environmentally responsible energy-efficient platforms

Avenir incorporates state of the art software paired with custom designed precision temperature cooking equipment to produce food of the highest quality. Every Avenir design incorporates a reduced kitchen footprint, providing our clients significant reductions in: space, labor, carbon emissions, energy costs, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water usage, cleaning chemicals, natural gas and related operational expenses.

Product Quality

Freshness is one the key bases of Avenir food. Avenir clients enjoy the ability to utilize local growers, seasonal products and fresh ingredients. Our system of cooking preserves the flavor, texture and aroma of food with just the right amount of seasonings to enhance every meal. A nutritionally sound, infinitely repeatable approach providing for increased variety, menu expansion and soaring guest satisfaction.

Food Yields and Waste Reduction

Implementing the Avenir culinary method results in a cooking process that dramatically reduces moisture loss during the cooking process resulting in unparalleled food yields. Software recipe management controls the process and ensures safe storage of foods. Avenir clients report a significant reduction in waste over conventional cooking methods with moisture loss averages in the 5-10% range compared with traditional values of up to 30%.