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Client Profile
Senior Living Profile
Rhoda Goldman Plaza, San Francisco, CA

This is one of San Francisco's premier retirement communities, serving approximately 150 residents with assisted and independent status. The project includes retro-fitting approximately 80% of the current kitchen to implement our first scratch Kosher kitchen. Avenir will also develop recipes with the Rhoda Goldman Chefs, develop a HACCP plan for the facility, and coordinate all menu production requirements.

Client Timeline:
Installation of Avenir equipment is scheduled for late March 2012. During the next 45 days Avenir will prepare HACCP documentation, stage recipe development and develop a detailed site implementation plan. Complete integration set for April –May 2012.


Education & TrainingCulinary Institute of America


Intrigued by all the buzz about avant garde cuisine and culinary science? Then these new courses from The Culinary Institute of America, in association with Avenir Culinary Systems, are for you. Chef-instructors from the world's premier culinary college and specialists in high-technology cuisine solutions from Avenir will give you the experiential understanding of culinary technology topics youneed to enrich and advance your career.
Please note that these advanced-level courses are designed for experienced culinary professionals.

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Current Class Offering:

HACCP Writing : In this course, the education, health care, military, contract food service, commissary, and restaurant segments of the industry will be addressed to align with current Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compliance as well as operational plans that comply with all regulatory state codes. All states will be represented with their various code requirements.
***Please note: This is a non-cooking class.

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Introduction to Precision Temperature Cooking Techniques and Processes : An introductory course for foodservice managers, chefs, decision makers, and researchers to learn and understand the techniques and benefits of precision temperature cooking processes. The course is designed to demonstrate the interconnectivity, techniques, and benefits of complete end-to-end systems centered around precision temperature cooking systems. Included will be exploratory sessions focused on cooking techniques and processes, food safety and consistency, HACCP and wireless monitoring, reduction in kitchen footprint, equipment used in the processes, and reduction in energy consumption.

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Menu Development, Commissary/Contract Feeders : This course is intended for food production facilities producing menu items and products for receiver kitchens, in segments such as health care, education, military, institutions, and business and industry properties. You will work with our experts to analyze your site facility and create a model of savings and efficiencies, food production techniques that create a lean kitchen, implementation of green initiatives, and carbon savings and operational cost reductions.

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