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Food Quality & Consistency

Avenir kitchens produce repeatable results with fresher, healthier food and a wide variety of choice in menu management. Software driven and automated precision temperature cooking equipment virtually eliminates user-error reducing the need for skilled labor to produce consistent results exceeding client expectations.

Food Safety

Incoming products are portioned and packaged in production centers or processing kitchens, avoiding cross-contamination and holding issues. Cooking times and temperatures are predetermined and locked for each product; every portion reaches the same internal temperature with an added built-in margin ensuring safety. As required, a low temperature pasteurizing step can be added to the process, otherwise impossible in conventional cooking systems. Avenir builds a HACCP food safety plan process, procedure, compliance and Critical Control Points for each recipe to ensure safety to the highest level.

Product Longevity

The Avenir Method of packaging preserves freshness, enhances flavor and optimizes cooked food textures with easy to use energy efficient equipment while increasing the product longevity of freshly packaged foods. Depending on site-specific cold storage capacities, Avenir clients enjoy a 14 day supply of fresh meals and 28 days when using a food production center.

Flexible Menus and Recipe Variety

Every Avenir client enjoys working with our chefs in creating customized, diverse and contemporary menu offerings utilizing fresh seasonal ingredients. Build recipes based on your unique clientele offering regional favorites, globally inspired cuisine, healthy and delicious nutritionally responsible menu items. Our custom engineered equipment cooks all menu items and all cooking methods are available using a combination of alternative cooking vessels to achieve the perfect results.