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An Integrated End-to-End
Culinary Solution

High performance. Low maintenance.

Avenir pioneered, developed and patented a Precision Temperature Cooking System including kitchen design, education, training, and implementation programs for all culinary applications. Precision Temperature Cooking Systems, supported by high performance products are the cornerstone of today's lean and efficient contemporary kitchens. Avenir equips each property with safe, efficient, high performance, durable, low maintenance equipment in kitchens with comfortable ambient temperatures and eco-friendly environments

Turnkey System

Our experts begin with a comprehensive analysis to determine the needs and design elements for each of our unique clients. Upon completion of analysis, the design and fabrication process is tailored to perfectly match the desired production and outcomes of each kitchen. Staff education and training lead the next stage of process followed by implementation of the Avenir Method using electronically controlled precision temperature cooking equipment. Avenir Culinary Systems incorporate every element necessary to implement a turnkey end-to-end culinary system from product sourcing to finish cooking and follow-up.

Custom Equipment

Avenir kitchens are reverse engineered from menu development and production back to selection of required Avenir hardware. There are several types of Avenir Culinary Systems to choose from: