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Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Innovations

Avenir kitchens focus on healthy, minimally processed fresh ingredients with innovations designed to increase product longevity. Avenir is revolutionizing the way large-scale food production sources, prepares and serves meals. Locally sourced, mindfully prepared meals with healthier fats and lower sodium content gives food service directors and chefs maximum flexibility in preparing innovative, healthy meals in environmentally sound kitchens.

Green Initiatives

Food production centers efficiently supply receiver kitchens such as schools, retirement communities, hospitals and businesses. Avenir's unique product longevity combined with software controlled inventory management systems reduces the need for frequent deliveries relying on gasoline-powered vehicles.

Energy efficient hardware leads to a significant reduction in; burned gasses, expensive HVAC, extracted grease, water and chemicals for cleaning conventional equipment and tools. Avenir clients have reduced their carbon footprint by as much as 50% while enjoying State and Federal incentives for carbon footprint reduction

Avenir kitchens reduce dependency on processed food manufacturers, enabling localized growers, ecosystems and suppliers to provide product rather than relying on ingredients requiring shipping.

Return on Investment

By analyzing a client's traditional gas-burning kitchen and mapping a comparable Avenir Culinary Systems kitchen, cost saving calculations can quickly and accurately predict operational savings for footprint and infrastructure, equipment costs, consumable energy, food purchase cost and waste. Utilization of production kitchen modeling further decreases distribution, labor and insurance costs.